Internal Projects


  • Architected, designed and developed internally.
  • Automates functions and transactions of various departments.
  • Interface and reports for students, faculty members and administrative staff.
  • Mobile applications for Student services, Attendance update,
  • Lab exam Mark entry,admission Management etc.

 OCET(Online Coding Examination Tool)

Online Coding Examination Tool(OCET) is an attempt to automate process of conducting  coding examinations.

The process of creating, editing, and deleting batches and scheduling

and modifying the examination and evaluation of code written automated.

The randomly scheduled questions will automatically be available to students.

 VMS(Volunteer Management System):

  This web based application is used to manage the volunteers of Centre for Academic and Professional Support(CAPS) of Christ  University.

The system caters to registration, selection of interview date, work diary update, project status update and feedback report by volunteers

The administrator can view the details of volunteer applications, approve the volunteer ship,monitor status of projects and weekly progress and provide feedback. It helps in effective monitoring and tracking of volunteers. 

VTS(Vehicle Tracking System):

This Android app helps in assigning and tracking the vehicles that are used in transporting delegates.

The coordinator can  assign   duty to driver by specifying the vehicle to be used, based on the availability of the driver and vehicle.

The driver will get notification of duty along with passenger details. The app also gives a view of vehicles and drivers on duty along with the distance and time from the central hub.