• Students identify problems and ideate.

  • Platform to students to try out their innovative ideas

  • Meet fellow students with similar interests

  • provide guidance, mentor ship, and networking.

  • Exposure to national and international events and competitions.

  • Help Students file patents ,designs and copyright applications.

Roles for the benefit of the students

 Inno-ACES has a curriculum on creativity and innovation to begin with the goal is to let students walk in even they do not have an idea and learn how to identify a pain point and work out a solution

Encourage students to take part in national and international level competitions on innovation and entrepreneurship

Assist Students in building prototypes of their Technical ideas and testing them

Assist Students in filing patent ,Copyright ,and design applications

Assist students in building their business ideas


Plans for 2017-18



  • Put the course on creativity in place
  • Fine tune Systems
  • Complete the existing projects
  • File patents
  • Provide Support to business ideas
  • Create visibility for Inno-ACES
  • Encourage Students to take part in competitions