Inno-Start up

Inno-Start up provides the perfect eco-System,mentoring and support to christites to try out their innovative start up ideas.Two innovative start up ideas that are being nurtured at the innovation entre are shoedo and tsips





 21000 Christites generate electric power just by walking through he corridors of the campus

 Piezo Power: Piezo tiles placed at the most walked in areas will generate power to charge your  cellphones and probably light up the pathways in the evenings



Christites are challenged to look around for problem areas and then further

challenged to create solutions






 Ivy e-global:an online educational project creating an online spoken English training program to national and international students with the largest number of online trainers offering customized training for various spoken skill needs


Inno-lab offers research facilities for innovative research.

Keranation: A research project trying to find out potential uses of hair right from using them as fertilizers to being used a food flavouring agents after converting them into amino acids


Pets Care online project :  Creating an app to assist people in pets care and offers emergency logistics and supplies



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