About Us


Innovation Centre is the hub of innovation in Christ University. It has three wings under its umbrella: Centre for Advanced Research and Training (CART), Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI) and YouGate. These wings undertake Research Innovation, Digital Innovation and Social Innovation for the University and beyond.

Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI), established in 2015, is a special centre to innovate and provide research oriented digital solutions. We collaborate with software companies to offer IT internship to foreign as well as our own students. Off late, University ERP development was also brought under CDI. The Centre is actively engaged in international collaborations with IT companies, government agencies, research organizations and universities across the globe. It offers research and development consultancy to IT companies at international level. It aims to cultivate global research and skill development opportunities in the area of digital innovation.

Centre for Advanced and Training (CART), established in 2013, fosters an ecosystem of innovation by connecting research and curriculum. The goals of CART are to enhance the research outcome of the University through various support programs and bring international research collaborations to the campus. Besides this, CART is engaged in creating relevant research content, conducting contests and supporting the university community through trainings and workshops. It also provides consulting on research methodology and data analysis.

YouGate is a platform offered to the global community to facilitate international collaborations. The primary goal of YouGate is to nurture U-Person who imbibes U-Spirit of B.E.S.T (Be Connected, Enjoy Differences, Share Talents, Transform to Fly) and U-Attitude of L.A.U.G.H (Listen First, Appreciate First, Understand First, Give First, Humour First). YouGate provides opportunities for the U-Family to Connect, Collaborate, and Create a new world.


Innovation Excellence and Global Mindfulness


We aim to nurture individuals with excellence in innovation and global mindfulness