About Us


Innovation Centre is the hub of innovation in Christ University. It has two wings under its umbrella: Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI) and WeJump. These wings undertake Digital Innovation and Social Innovation for the University and beyond.

Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI), established in 2015, is a special centre to innovate and provide research oriented digital solutions. We collaborate with software companies to offer IT internship to foreign as well as our own students. Off late, University ERP development was also brought under CDI. The Centre is actively engaged in international collaborations with IT companies, government agencies, research organizations and universities across the globe. It offers research and development consultancy to IT companies at international level. It aims to cultivate global research and skill development opportunities in the area of digital innovation.

WeJump is a social initiative which is conceived with a vision to nurture the dreams and aspirations of those marginalised in society. It aspires to raise a common platform where all stakeholders may share their knowledge and skills with the less privileged. We connect your dreams to the larger society and in this way your dreams find a connect with a global audience. Someday our dreams will find their way into the lives of others. So why not bring others on board today by offering them not our leftovers, but our best ever.


Innovation Excellence and Global Mindfulness


We aim to nurture individuals with excellence in innovation and global mindfulness