HackTech 2023

HackTech 2023

(June 26 - Nov 30, 2023)

Join us for an extraordinary journey at HackTech 2023, the most exciting and unique Innovation Technology Hackathon of the year. Over the course of three action-packed months, this event offers a platform for individuals to showcase their technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and create remarkable prototypes that could change the game.

Themes for HackTech 2023

(1) Pedestrian clothes colour detection in a multi-CCTV environment

(2) Vehicle speed detection using traffic RGB CCTV


1st Prize: Rs 2,00,000

2nd Prize: Rs 1,00,000

3rd Prize: Rs 50,000

Constellation Prize (x2): Rs 25,000

Total: Rs 4,00,000

Immerse yourself in a journey where innovation and technology converge. Push the boundaries of what’s possible, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and leave your mark on the tech industry. Whether you’re a seasoned coder or an aspiring tech enthusiast, this is your chance to shine. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize the world of technology.


Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI), established in 2015, is a special centre to innovate and provide research oriented digital solutions. CHRIST (Deemed to be University) has been providing research support to different industry organizations in the field of technology, finance, marketing and business strategy etc. We also collaborate with software companies to offer IT internship to foreign as well as our own students. Off late, University ERP development was also brought under CDI.

CDI is actively engaged in international collaborations with IT companies, government agencies, research organizations and universities across the globe. It offers research and development consultancy to IT companies at international level. It aims to cultivate global research and skill development opportunities in the area of digital innovation.

South Korea, renowned for its global technology leaders such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, has maintained a robust and fruitful relationship with India. A concrete manifestation of this collaboration was the establishment of the Indo Korea Science and Technology Center (IKST) by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea's premier research organization, at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. The IKST was officially inaugurated on January 27, 2010, by the esteemed former President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

This Indo Korea Science and Technology Center serves as a catalyst for further strengthening the scientific and technological exchanges between India and South Korea. It acts as a hub for collaborative research, knowledge sharing, and the development of innovative solutions. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both nations, the IKST paves the way for breakthrough advancements in various domains.


HackTech 2023 commences with a programming skills contest, designed to identify participants with strong technical abilities and a solid programming foundation. Successful contestants proceed to Phase II for programming skill development workshop, led by industry experts, to further refine their coding abilities.

Following the Phase II, the chosen participants enter the Phase III - ideation and prototype building. Under experts' guidance, they delve into a designated theme, brainstorm innovative ideas, and fine-tune their project concepts. Participants transform their concepts into tangible prototypes, putting their problem-solving skills to the test under pressure. Before submitting their final prototypes, participants benefit from a final expert interaction to ensure the highest standards are met. 

The evaluation process determines the deserving winners who will be rewarded with exciting prizes for their remarkable accomplishments.

Note: This is an individual event; team participation is not allowed.

Important Dates


Jun 26 - Aug 15

Phase I



Aug 16 - Aug 31

Phase II



Sep 1 - Sep 27

Phase III

Ideation & 

Prototype Building

Sep 28 - Nov 23


Evaluation & 

Award Ceremony

Nov 24 - Nov 30


Phase I (Programming Contest)

Phase II (Programming Skill Enhancement) 

Phase III (Ideation & Prototype Building) 

Finale (Award Ceremony)