Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre is the hub of innovation in Christ University. It comprises different centres like Centre for Advanced Research and Training (CART), Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI), Asian Collaboration and Question Bank, These centres were created at different instances and were functioning individually to meet their designated objectives.

The Christ University Innovation Centre (CU-IC) is created by bringing different innovation blocks, namely Digital Innovation, Research Innovation, Entrepreneurship Innovation, Collaboration Innovation and Evaluation innovation, under one umbrella. The development is bottom-up as different constituent blocks were created first and thus the foundation was created first.

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We connect with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies to bring industry practices to faculty members and students. The collaboration between company executives, software professionals stationed at CU-IC and our students will be unique combination to support the research and development of companies and thus give learning and growth opportunities for next generation professionals.


CU-IC fosters an ecosystem of innovation by connecting research and curriculum with applications for the benefit of industry and society. It is a connecting point to forge linkages between various stakeholders from industry, academia and / or research institutions.


The collaboration between CU-IC and Korean Universities brings diversity to our campus. The Global IT Internship (GIT) and Social and Cultural Learning Programme (SCLP) offered by CU-IC provide a nice blend of the best of Korean and Indian young minds. The objective of this collaboration is met when the students learn and extract the best from each other.

Question Bank is an examination supporting online system to which syllabi, question patterns and questions are uploaded and from which examination questionnaires are generated for all subjects. Question Bank team strives to ensure and enhance the quality of evaluation system of the Institution.