Centre for Advanced Research & Training [CART]


1. Research Mentoring

To support faculty members/scholars/students of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) at various stages of research, CART offers research mentoring support. Services provided include guidance in using different software for analysing results, publication work, MRP project support, monograph support, clarification in different software etc. The facility is open on working days from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM on prior appointment.

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2. Data Analysis Workshop

Analytics jobs scenario in world is constantly evolving. Companies are looking to hire professionals who are well-versed with new techniques, concepts such as analytics, big data, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, among others. While there may be a huge variation in the skills sets, experience and education requirement for these professionals across various cities and industries, there is a constant rise in the overall demand for analytics professionals with new jobs being posted each day.

CART is conducting International and National level data analysis workshops in focus of current job trends to emphasize the participants in their career. Three day workshop will be conducted twice a year in the months of April and October. The workshop teaches implementation of various data analysis concepts such as data exploration, visualization, and hypothesis testing. Special focus has been placed on predictive analytics like regression. The learning path begins with training in basics of software following the solid training in analytics techniques.

The list of courses offered in workshop

Quantitative Qualitative
SPSS Dedoose
EViews NVivo
MS Excel





3. Research Publication Training (REPUT) 

To promote research among students, CART offers yearlong publication training for UG and PG students of CHRIST. Here young and energetic innovative research aspirants are nurtured and facilitated to reach a milestone of research. Student can enjoy publishing research innovations in reputed internationally recognised research journals. The program is advertised at the beginning of every semester. Students will be selected through a series of interview processes. Selected students will have a minimum of six-hour common orientation sessions after which students will be allotted to a guide as per their research interest. After the common sessions, each student is required to spend a minimum of 4 hours per week at CART working on his/her area of research interest leading to the writing of a research article. Here, the students will have one-to-one guidance from the guides allotted to them.

4. Open Elective Course: Information Literacy and Research Publication (ILRP) 

CART as part of promoting research activity throughout the institutions conducts credit courses for UG and PG students oriented towards research in coming up with a small research project. The Open elective will lead to 2 credits on successful completion of the course with a research article published in internationally reputed journals. The course will be advertised through examination office of the university as open elective course and student have to register adhere to the rules and regulations governed by university and examination office. Here students will be given hands-on training on using online & offline library for research and Mendeley & word for referencing styles. Students will also be oriented to write an original research article avoiding plagiarism and they will also be introduced about the basic concepts & steps involved in the research. The student will work on literature review, data collection, data analysis and reporting in journals format under the supervision/guidance of experts.

5. Research Publication Internship (RPI)

Every year during the month of April-May CART offers Research Publication Internship for UG and PG students of CHRIST (Deemed to be University). The main objective of the programme is to enhance the research culture in CHRIST and to motivate students to carry out academic research contributing to quality research articles which will be published in internationally indexed journals . The programme will be advertised during the month of February. The programme duration is for 30 working days, and in rare cases, it can be extended. The main highlight of this programme is to help students learn the techniques of coming up with a good research paper under the guidance of experts. 

6. Modular Training Programme (MTP)

CHRIST faculty members can utilise a modular-based the training program offered by CART to enhance their knowledge in specific data analysis tools and research tools. The advertisement will be circulated through email in advance for the convenience of faculty to plan their participation well in advance. Each module is divided into six hours with there sessions of two-hour duration. One session per week and the first session of each module commences as per the dates listed in the advertisement. Registration is open until 3 days before the commencement of each program.

7. Research Collaboration

Research Collaboration is the working together to achieve the common goal of producing new scientific knowledge, skills and techniques required will be available within the collaborators, and the time spent learning information or skills is minimized. A sharing of perspectives and ideas can foster creativity and expanded knowledge that would increase research initiatives in society. Collaborative relationships may also provide researchers with unique opportunities to work with other researchers that they would be exposed to, increased opportunities for joint publications that are extremely valuable and beneficial to research careers.

CART focuses on collaborative research with departments or other institutions either across national or international which can provide a wide variety of opportunities for research and cross-disciplinary innovation. It also provides the opportunity to the researchers for more innovative ideas which will vary between disciplines, institutions and countries. It is important for researchers to understand that such differences exist, to consider these issues ahead of time and also increase an academic’s productivity through follow-on publications in higher impact factor journals. The main focus of research collaboration in CART is to have external funding research projects.

8. Quality Improvement Programme (QIP)

CART offers quality improvement programme to provide data analysis software training to faculty members of CHRIST (Deemed to be University). Interested departments need to approach CART well in advance to plan the sessions. The programme will be customised as per the departments’ request. QIP will be given every year in May.