Centre for Advanced Research & Training [CART]


For Students


This is the place where young and energetic innovative minds of CHRIST are nurtured and facilitated to reach a milestone of Research.

The student can enjoy publishing research innovations in reputed internationally recognized research articles.

The program is advertised in the beginning of every semester.

2. Open Elective Course: ILRP

CART as part of promoting research activity throughout the institutions, we conduct credit courses for students oriented towards research to guide them in a completing a small research project. The Open elective will lead to 2 credits on successful completion of the course with a research article published in internationally reputed journals.

The course will be advertised through examination office of the university as open elective course and student have to register adhere to the rules and regulations governed by university and examination office.

The students will get an overview of research and publishing in the beginning and student will work on literature review, data collection, data analysis and reporting in journals format under the supervision/guidance of experts.

3. Research Publication Internship

CART as part of promoting research activity throughout the institutions, we conduct internship program for highly motivated students to guide in publishing their research articles in reputed journals.

The program duration is for 20 working days and in rare cases it can be extended.  

Highlights of internship are participants will get an exposure to start and publish in reputed research journals under the guidance of experts. The program starts with introduction to research and literature review process, followed by topic selection and data collection. Finally the participants will be guided in research articles writing and publishing in reputed international journals.