Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI)

Research & Development

Front End
Open Source Platform Application Research
  • OpenHab: IoT Device Control/Status Check through Web UI and Mobile Application
  • IoT Server Building using Freeboard (Multi-User Support, IoT Device and Various Communication Method Support, Additional Plugins)
  • Various Researches on Open Source IoT Platforms like Thingsboard and ResIoT
Private IoT Server Building Research
IoT Server Building using AngularJS and NodeJS etc.
Back End
Research on Open Source ERP Platform Application
Authentication Device (Fingerprint Recognition/NFC Device) IoT Server (Private Server) ERP System (Odoo: Attendance Management System)
Research on Python Platform Application
Back End Interface Building using Flask and Django Platform
  • MongDB Connection (User Authentication, Configuration Information, Log Data)
  • Postgresql Connection (User Authentication, Odoo ERP System)