About the Contest

Developments in science and technology are fundamentally altering the way people live, connect, communicate and transact, with profound effects on economic development. Science and technology are key drivers to development, because technological and scientific revolutions underpin economic advances, improvements in health systems, education and infrastructure. The extent to which developing economies emerge as economic powerhouses depends on their ability to grasp and apply insights from science and technology and use them creatively. Science and technology have co-evolved throughout the history and innovation is the primary driver of technological growth.

As distinctions between fundamental and problem-oriented research have blurred, and demands to make public research more responsive to the needs of business and civil society have mounted, there is a greater need for increased and more efficient linkages between science and innovation. Science-innovation linkages can take many forms, from contract and collaborative research and personnel transfers to technology licenses and creation of spin-off firms. Modern science, whose methodologies give special privilege to use de-contextualizing strategies and downplay the role of context-sensitive strategies, have been extraordinarily successful in producing knowledge whose applications have transformed the shape of the world.

The contest on “Primal Research Ideas in Science and Management” intends to provide a platform for students to showcase their practical innovations as per the specified themes. It aims at providing the participants the opportunity to disseminate their work in public, to collaborate with researchers of similar interest and to explore potential funding.

Themes for the Contest

  • Big Data / Artificial Intelligence in Science & Technology

  • Science & Technology Collaboration Model between India and South Korea

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Themes for the Contest

Big Data / Artificial Intelligence

Science & Technology Collaboration Model


Attractions of the Contest

Talk by experts

Free participation

Total prize money worth 3 lakhs

Certificate to all selected participants and winners

Funding opportunity for the selected proposals


The students / scholars pursuing





Each abstract will be evaluated by experts based on the following criteria

  1. Originality of proposal
  2. Adherence to rules of the contest
  3. Rationality and feasibility of the idea presented
  4. Adherence to the abstract format
  5. Appropriateness and clarity of the abstract content
  6. Professionalism, organization and style

The evaluation of detailed proposal will be based on the following criteria

  1. Adherence to rules of the contest
  2. Adherence to author guidelines
  3. Showcasing of the importance and relevance of research idea proposed
  4. Viability of the methodology proposed
  5. Clarity in analysis and interpretation
  6. Implications of the proposed idea to the society
  7. Professionalism, organization and style

Note: On the basis of evaluation, selected participants will be intimated and asked to submit a detailed proposal

  1. Maximum number of participants in a team is 5.
  2. The submitted idea should not have been previously presented/published or submitted for consideration somewhere else.
  3. Any idea proposed beyond the theme of the contest will not be considered.
  4. Any abstract/detailed proposal submitted after the deadlines will not be evaluated.
  5. The abstract/detailed proposal needs to adhere to the format provided.
  6. The abstract as well as detailed proposal should be written in English, using Microsoft Word text processor.
  7. The participants selected for the final presentation need to make the presentation as per the guidelines provided.
  8. Persons from different institutions can be a part of the same team. However, one person can not be a part of multiple teams for the contest.
  9. After you have submitted the soft copy of abstract and detailed proposal, a panel of experts will evaluate and shortlisted participants will be notified.
  10. The decision of the panel of experts will be final and no arguments or appeal will be entertained.
  11. By entering a contest, you consent IKST and CHRIST (Deemed to be University) to use your name, photograph, voice, statement and image for any publicity purposes.