Detailed Proposal Submission & Templates

Detailed Proposal


  • The detailed proposal must discuss the working model / prototype / design and should not exceed 16 pages

  • A covering letter must accompany your detailed proposal

  • The detailed proposal and covering letter to be emailed to by 28 November 2022


Detailed proposal should be compiled in the following order and each heading should start from a fresh page:

  • Title Page

  • Introduction

  • Methods

  • Design / Prototype

  • Results & Discussion

  • Conclusion

  • References

Page Setup:

  • Size - A4

  • Margins - All sides should be 1"

  • Orientation - Portrait

  • Single Column

Font Setting:

  • Font- Times New Roman

  • Font Size

Headings- 14 pt (in Capital Letters) Title and Heading (Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Reference)

Paragraphs- 12 pt

Tables- 10 pt

Line Spacing- 1.5


  • Title Page

The first page should include


Authors and Affiliation

Contact Details of the Corresponding Author: Email, Phone

  • Introduction

Describe the background of the study and importance of the work with suitable recent references

  • Material and Methods

Explain the datasets / algorithms / models / methods / experimental procedures used

  • Design / Prototype

Provide design charts, diagrams, and prototype images with necessary explanations.

  • Results and Discussion

A detailed write-up of the proposal has to be presented here with the required tables and figures.

  • Conclusion

The conclusions of the study clearly indicating the advantages and disadvantages to be given here. Mention the scope of further improvement also

  • References

Follow any one standard referencing style (IEEE, APA, MLA, etc.,)