Final Presentation Guidelines


Guidelines for preparing and presenting your work:

  • Kindly prepare a presentation of your work introducing the problem, your idea, your methodology, and the results obtained. You must use the given template for making the presentation. Presentation Template

  • Additionally, prepare a video explaining the presentation. The video should not exceed 10 minutes. Kindly capture your slide deck and audio when making the video. You may choose to add a few demonstrations of your work.

  • The video you submit shall be played, in case of any exigencies, at the time of the final evaluations before the evaluators and other participants. There will be a question and answer session for 5 minutes post your presentation.

  • You must prepare another video explaining your idea. The video should not exceed 2 minutes. The winning entries shall have their 2-minute videos played during the award ceremony and will also be uploaded to the PRISM website.

  • Kindly mail your presentation to by 31st December 2022

  • We will create a Google Drive space for both 10-minute and 2-minute videos and let you know. These also will have to be uploaded by 31st December 2022.