Idea Proposal Guidelines

Idea Proposal

Registration & Submission:

Step 1. Download the proposal template by clicking on Idea Proposal Template

Step 2. Enter all the details as per the template

Step 3. Click on “Submit your Idea”

Step 4. Fill in the details and upload the proposal


Idea proposal should be compiled in the following order and each heading should start from a fresh page:


Page Setup:


Font Setting:

Headings- 14 pt (in Capital Letters) Title and Heading (Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Reference)

Paragraphs- 12 pt

Tables- 10 pt

Line Spacing- 1.5


The first page should include


Category (Student or Researcher)

Authors and Affiliation

Mentors and affiliation

Contact Details of the Corresponding Author: Email, Phone

Describe the background of the study and importance of the work with suitable recent references

Explain how your research idea will solve the above-mentioned problem

Mention the expected outcome of the proposed idea

Follow any one standard referencing style (IEEE, APA, MLA, etc.,)