Primal Research Ideas in Science and Management [PRISM] 2022

In general, research is a process of identifying problems and seeking solutions through a variety of perspectives, sources, and methods to develop a new understanding or new knowledge. Developments in science and technology are fundamentally altering the way people live, connect, communicate and transact, with profound effects on economic development. The extent to which developing economies emerge as economic powerhouses depends on their ability to grasp and apply insights from science and technology and use them creatively. 

There exists a strong correlation between science and technology. Science uses scientific methods in its experiments and collects data through systematic processes. Application of science can be seen in technology where it tries to solve the problems in the natural world. Yet, this technology itself can be used to solve scientific problems. 

PRISM 2022, the fourth edition of this contest, provides the participants to think beyond theoretical research and look forward to ideas that solve scientific problems using artificial intelligence. They have the opportunity to venture into artificial intelligence to showcase the potential of this latest technological trend to bring a positive impact to science. The goal is to recognize and support promising research and ideas emerging from students/researchers. Great ideas will have the opportunities for funding towards further research, ideation and incubation.


To recognise and support promising research and ideas emerging from students and researchers


The contest is to ideate solutions that use Artificial Intelligence to solve scientific problems. Artificial Intelligence has grown to be a key tool for researchers across different disciplines to analyze huge datasets, detecting new patterns or extracting varied insights leading to solutions to problems. By processing the large amounts of data now being generated in various domains such as genomics, organic chemistry, material science, satellite imaging, etc., Artificial Intelligence is becoming a potential enabler for problem-solving in a range of scientific fields.


Artificial Intelligence for solving scientific problems

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