Centre for Korean Studies

Centre for Korean Studies

The Centre for Korean Studies at CHRIST University is a dynamic hub for academic and research collaboration between India and Korea, focusing on joint research projects and scholarly exchanges in Korean studies. The center offers a unique platform for exploring Korean culture, history, and socio-political dynamics, inviting scholars and enthusiasts to engage in a rich and diverse learning environment.

In addition to its academic pursuits, the CKS also actively participates in cultural exchanges and social service initiatives between India and Korea. These endeavors enrich the academic experience by providing opportunities for cultural understanding and community involvement, creating a holistic approach to education and international cooperation.


India-Korea Intellectual & Cultural Nexus


To foster intellectual and cultural connections between India and Korea through comprehensive academic research, cultural exchanges, and community-focused initiatives.


Facilitate Academic Collaboration: Foster collaborative research projects and scholarly exchanges in Korean studies between India and Korea.

Promote Cultural Understanding: Enhance cultural appreciation and understanding through cultural exchanges, enriching the academic experience.

Engage in Community Service: Actively participate in social service initiatives to benefit communities in both India and Korea, bridging academia with practical societal impact.

Centre for Korean Studies Inauguration, 12 December 2024, Conrad Bengaluru Hotel

Chief Guest: Mr Chang-nyun Kim, Consul General of Republic of Korea in Chennai