According to a UNICEF study in 2017, India is home to 223 million child brides. This represents one-third of the world's child brides. The report suggests that education is one of the most effective ways to eliminate child marriage. However, the majority of the girl children in slums drop out of school by the age of sixteen or below. Their futures are grim, and they have no choice but to marry young against their will.

If we share our leftovers with them, they will remain as social leftovers. What if we share our FirstEvers with them? Who knows they may well become the future FirstEvers? Growth is mutual when we share our new and valuable things. Our team (Innovation Centre--Christ University, Centre for Social Action--Christ University, Center for Social Innovation Education--Seoul Women's University, VisionWorks Co.,Ltd, Computer Science Department--Kasetsart University) is committed to empowering underprivileged children with digital competence. We love to be their companions at least for 10 years from their seventh grade to the final year of college. Let their dreams fly high and far!

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