2024 INDO-KOREA International Conference

2024 한.인도 국제학술대회

24 - 26 JULY 2024


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Most of Asian growth has been, and will continue to be, driven by urban centers. Asia is moving into an era of unprecedented urbanization, a change bringing prosperity and problems. Asian cities are growing rapidly. Another 1.1 billion people will live in the region’s cities in the next 20 years. By 2030, more than 55% of the population of Asia will be urban. In many places, cities will merge together to create urban settlements on a scale never seen before.

In the Global world that we are living today we have the interplay of political, economic and social forces that promote and prevent social and environmental justice. These include people’s struggles for wellbeing and sustainability and the visions that inspire them; and the roles of state, society and market actors. Also, the need of the hour is transcending geographical binaries of Nations, and looking into areas of complementarity and between inter-sections of economic development, social innovation, human well-being and environmental sustainability. Towards this outcome, initiating transboundary collaborations, strengthening global to regional networks, establishing interstate relations, and setting up robust communities are vital. Hence, this rapid urbanization is not without its challenges as it has implications on important issues such as city congestion, water/air quality, poverty, rising inequalities, urban-rural divide, citizen security and safety.

The Conference will combine skills and knowledge of international development with an in-depth focus on social justice, wellbeing and sustainability. It will endeavor to bring in perspectives from international relations through a reflective lens on international treaties and agreements, and transboundary initiatives in this area of interest.

In this context, this conference is an attempt to bring together different countries, and proposes to establish a network to synergise these efforts and, thereby contributing to a sustainable global Community-building. Cross-country or cross-regional participation and engagement will encourage a dialogue that can help ideate policy avenues and pathways to address international and regional issues that can ultimately foster strong inter-state relations.

This conference is envisioned as a collaborative platform where different countries from Asia and beyond (with room for expansion when it matures) – work towards the common goal of smart and technology-driven sustainable urban development. This initiative aims to strengthen connectivity and cooperation among Indo-Pacific nations to promote peace, stability, and prosperity in the region. Its primary goal will be to improve the lives of global citizens, using technology and social innovation as an enabler. 

Aims and Objectives: 



The precise goals of this Conference is to encourage and support Cross-Country, Cross-University, multidisciplinary research collaborations between faculty and practicing professionals of sciences, social sciences and humanities background, along with students with faculties as mentors - specific to matters of relevance to all the partnering countries.

This seeks to advance: 


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Due Date: 14 JULY 2024


Dr Fr Joseph C C

Vice Chancellor, CHRIST University

Dr Hyon-Woo Seung

President, Seoul Women's University

Mr Chang-Nyun Kim

Consul General of Republic of Korea in Chennai


Dr Kwangyun Wohn

Former Chairperson of the National Council of Science & Technology (NST)


Dr Shailesh Nayak

Director of the National Institute of Advanced Studies



Dr Joo-Jin Lee

Former President of Korea Aerospace Research Institute


Minister Sang-Woo Lim

Deputy Chief of Mission, Korean Embassy in New Delhi


Dr Sung Yong Kang

Associate Professor

Director of Center for South Asian Studies, Seoul National University Asia Center


Dr Kang-Kook Lee 

Professor in the College of Economics at Ritsumeikan University


Dr N. Janardhan 

Director of Research and Analysis at the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, 

Abu Dhabi


Dr Daniel Hyunchae Park

Professor of  the Department of Business and Digital Future Convergence Service  at Chonnam National University(CNU) in Korea


Dr Byungdug Jun

Professor of the School of Information and Data Sciences, Nagasaki University


Dr Srinivasan R

Editor in Chief

Electronic Journal of Social and Strategic Studies (EJSSS),


Praghna Centre for Research

Areas of Interest: Military studies, military histories, foreign policies.

Dr D. Suba Chandran 

Dean of the School of Conflict and Security Studies at NIAS


Dr Kingshuk Chatterjee

Head of Department of History, University of Calcutta, 



Mr Yashveer Singh

Leadership Group Member & Co-founder, Ashoka Young Changemakers








National Institute of Advanced Studies



Dr Guydeuk Yeon

Professor of International Studies, Political Science and History | Director of Centre for Korean Studies | Director of Centre for Digital Innovation,

CHRIST University

Research Interests: Bridging cultural and technological divides, focusing on India-South Korea relations, social innovation

Dr Prerana Srimaal

Assistant Professor, History and Material Culture Studies, CHRIST University

Coordinator - Liberal Arts, CHRIST University

Research Interests: War and Trauma Narratives, Displaced Populations, Memory and Identity Studies

Dr Shinha Joo

Professor of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture | Director of Center for Social Innovation Education, Seoul Women's University

Research Interests:

Landscape Planning and Design, focusing on Landscape Resource Survey and Analysis

Dr Sujin Yoon

Assistant Professor of College of General Education, Office of Educational Innovation, Center for Social Innovation Education, Seoul Women's University

Research Interests:

Social Innovation Education, Community Engagement, Participatory Research, Collective Impact Approach

Dr Gurumurthy Hegde

Professor of Chemistry, Director of Centre for Advanced Research and Development,

CHRIST University

Research Interests: Advanced materials for environmental and biomedical applications, including sensors, adsorbents, and catalysts, leveraging nanomaterials and sustainable methods to address pressing global challenges


Dr Embassy Lawbei

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts & Media Studies, CHRIST University

Research Interests: Conflict and Communication, Media and Insurgency, Communication and Culture, Tribal identity and communication, Media and Human Rights, Media representation

Dr Priscilla N Rozario

Assistant Professor, Historical Studies, CHRIST University

Research Interest:  Geopolitics, Urban Studies, Memory and Identity Studies 

Dr Anagha Babu

Assistant Professor of International Studies, Political Science and History, CHRIST University

Research Interests: Soft Power, Cultural Diplomacy, Popular culture and geopolitics

Ms. Aditi Bhartiya

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Liberal Arts, CHRIST University 

Research Interests: Counselling, Social Psychology, Art Therapies


Mr Kiran Bijapur

PhD Scholar, Department of Chemistry, CHRIST University

Research Interests: Material chemistry,  Nanofluids, Heat transfer enhancement,  Advanced coolant formulations, Fluid dynamics in radiator, Green Chemistry and nanomaterials.

Email: kiran.bijapur@res.christuniversity.in

Mr Aman Sharma

PhD Scholar, Department of Chemistry, CHRIST University

Research Interests: Materials Chemistry, Environmental Sustainability, Water Purification, Adsorbents,  Photocatalysis, Carbonaceous Nanomaterials

Email: aman.b@res.christuniversity.in

Ms Apoorva Shetty

PhD Scholar, Department of Chemistry, CHRIST University

Research Interests: Materials Chemistry, Heterogeneous catalysis, Organic Transformation reactions, Sustainable Carbon Nanomaterials

Email: apoorva.shetty@res.christuniversity.in

Ms B G Maya Patel

PhD Scholar, Department of Chemistry, CHRIST University

Research Interests: Membrane Technology, Materials Chemistry, Water Purification, Carbonaceous Nanomaterials

Email: maya.patel@res.christuniversity.in

Ms Gowri Soman

PhD Scholar, Department of Chemistry, CHRIST University

Research Interests: Material Chemistry, Energy Storage devices, Super capacitors| Porous Carbonaceous Nano materials

Email: gowri.soman@res.christuniversity.in

Ms Sirichandana B

PhD Scholar, Department of Chemistry, CHRIST University

Research Interests: Catalysis, Materials Chemistry,  Hydrogen Energy, Porous Carbonaceous Nanomaterials

Email: sirichandana.b@res.christuniversity.in

Ms Anvitha Murari

PhD Scholar, Department of Chemistry, CHRIST University

Research Interests: Materials Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Corrosion, Inhibitors, Carbonaceous nanomaterials

Email: anvitha.murari@res.christuniversity.in

Mr Abhilash N

Technical Admin, Centre for Digital Innovation & Centre for Korean Studies

BSc in Computer Science, Mathematics and Electronics

Email ID


Mr Harsha B M

Assistant project manager, Center for Digital Innovation,

CHRIST university 

Research Interests: Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality, software development, Working on advanced technologies

Email: harsha.bm@christuniversity.in

Abstract Submission

31 MAY 2024

Selection Notification

5 JUNE 2024

Full Paper/Presentation Submission

1 JULY 2024

Routledge Publication: Selected papers will be published in Routledge